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Care,Quality and Consistency. At ASCC reliability and punctuality are a must. If there are any delays getting to your service you will be notified.

Your Time does not begin until I enter your space. If the delay exceeds 30 mins and you decide you no longer want service, you will receive your FULL deposit along with a 10% off service coupon. Coupon must be redeemed sixty -60- days from the date received.

My Time If you think you will be running late please make sure to communicate this as soon as possible. If you are running over 30 mins late your appointment will be canceled and your deposit will NOT be refunded. If you would like to cancel or reschedule your appointment you have 24 hours before appointment time to do so and the deposit will be refunded or can be held towards the next appointment date.

Inconvenience Fee If you missed your appointment time and I’m able to come back out to assist you with your task you will be charged a $10 inconvenience fee on top of the remaining balance owed.

My Skill If your service is completed before booking time ends -ex. Appointment time 10am-1pm but service is finished 12-12:30pm- there are NO discounts on services provided.

***You are paying for my time, my skills in cleaning and organizing, my attention to detail and the overall care I take while servicing your home.***

If service is completed before booking time ends and you have concerns, I will only service and go over areas that are included in your package.

Extra Charges I will charge accordingly for any additional work. Before any work begins these prices will be discussed.

Deposits All deposits must be paid the day of booking. Deposit fee is half of the total price. This holds your date and time.

After Service If you are unsatisfied with your service get in touch with me NO later than 24 hours after appointment time has ended. There are NO refunds but I will come and fix whatever issues you may have.There are NO refunds once service has been completed. Your remaining balance MUST be paid after the completion of service.

Late Payment Fee If your balance is not paid by the close of business -5:00pm- there will be an additional $5 inconvenience fee added to the balance owed. If this happens more than twice ASCC will cancel you as a client.

After Hours To book after hours –after 5:00pm– there will be an additional $20/ per hour service fee added to whatever service you’re requesting. If you book an after hours appointment balance MUST be paid in FULL before service begins.

If you have any questions please reach me at (202) 341-8431 or Clean@AboveStandardCC.com

Thank You For Letting Me In


Courtney Hicks / Owner