94E06C5E-2CA7-454B-87B2-7CA94B2552E1How long has ASCC LLC been in business?

ASCC started December 2018

How does ASCC set our rates ?

To beat the competition

How do you pay ?

You can pay through ASCC booking site which is processed by Square Inc, Venmo, Cashapp, AppleCash, PayPal or Cash

Are there any extra fees ?

There are no booking fees, estimate fees or any other fees associated with booking ASCC LLC 

Are you insured or bonded ?

ASCC is not currently insured, which is why we make sure to take extra care of your home. Insurance is coming and will soon update once status changes. 

Do you conduct background checks ?

Yes. If you would like these details please just ask and you will get a full report. 

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee? 


Do you bring equipment and cleaning supplies? 

Yes. ASCC cleaners DO NOT bring toilet brushes. 

Do you take pictures or videos ?

Yes. We take images (and sometimes videos) before and after of your space for you to view. If you DO NOT want images of your home to be featured on ASCC blog site and social media sites just let us know and they will be deleted after sent over to you. 

Thank You 

Courtney Hicks -ASCC-