At ASCC, We Do Things Our Way!

The “ACCC’s Way”

A– Attentive
S– Skillful
C– Consistent
C– Community Cooperation
S– Stability
W– Will and Wisdom
A– Ambition
Y– Youth

At ASCC, we are attentive to all clients and employees.
At ASCC, we take pride in our skills.
At ASCC, we promise to be consistent at all times.
At ASCC, we promote community cooperation and believe in community building.
At ASCC, we take pride in being a stable company.
At ASCC, we admire our employees’ will to go Above Standard and their wisdom in all situations.
At ASCC, we encourage all of our employees to be ambitious.
At ASCC, we believe in the future, so we trust our youth, and we’re here to invest and help build their dreams.

ASCC has built its foundation on having integrity, being attentive, skillful, and consistent in all that we say and do. ASCC’s mission is to create stability within our communities. To do this, ASCC plans to use community cooperation. With the elders’ wisdom in our communities, combined with the youth’s will and ambition, we will propel disadvantaged areas.

At ASCC, we take pride in our company and, most importantly, ourselves.
We will always operate Above Standard!

Go Above Standard Always. 


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