You deserve to keep those rested and refreshed vibes flowing for as long as possible, so the ASCC team is here to help you make the most of your time off. Please take a look at our list of seven things to do before vacation to max the relaxation of any break.

  1. Come Up with a Game Plan

Proper planning is critical in preventing the post-vacation blues. Make a checklist of all the chores you need to accomplish and a second list for packing so you don’t have to stress about forgetting to do or take anything. Start your cleaning the weekend before going out of town. 

2. Clean Out the Fridge

There’s no need to deep clean your refrigerator before vacay; you should at least clean out the contents of your fridge and freezer. Toss anything past its best-by date along with fruits and vegetables that have started to look defeated. You’ll thank yourself when you get home.

3. Take Care of Laundry

You’re probably going to come home with loads of clothes to wash as it is. Why set yourself up for the post-vacation blues? Instead, go ahead and get the laundry done before you depart. Whatever you do, don’t try to wash all the dirty clothes the evening before your trip. Instead, take care of laundry throughout the week and — if you’re gearing for extra points — pack items you’ll need as you go.

Bonus tip: Put fresh linens on the bed the night before you head out. That way, you’ll come home to sheets that have only been slept in once and are still reasonably crisp. (You’re welcome.)

4. Vacuum and Tidy

Those who rely on a daily cleaning schedule might already be on top of this part. If not, that’s OK. Enlist the help of the family and have kids straighten their rooms and vacuum while you tend to chores like cleaning the bathroom

5. Arrange Pet and Plant Care

Bored and upset pets can make some of the biggest messes you’ve ever seen, leaving both you and your furry friends with the post-vacation blues. Even seemingly independent cats need someone to pop in on them once or twice a day to scoop the litter and give them some cuddles and playtime. Likewise, pups should get visited at least three times daily to make sure they get plenty of potty breaks and love. This extra care can go a long way in warding off pet messes when you’re out of town. And while a sitter can also care for plants, people without pets should ask a neighbor or friend to stop by and care for their leafy potted pals, especially on long vacations.

6. Tie Up Loose Ends

You can do many little things before vacation to make sure your return is a pleasant experience. The loose ends will vary with every home, but here are some ideas to get you rolling:

  1. Take the trash out
  2. Hang towels used during morning showers, so they’re less prone to mildew
  3. Check to be sure faucets are off
  4. Make sure timers, security cams, and your thermostat are set (If you have pets, consult your vet about ideal temperature settings.)
  5. Unplug computers, appliances, or electronics that could get damaged by a lightning strike or power surge
  6. Plug electronics that must stay connected — like routers and security cameras — into surge protectors
  7. Make sure all your windows and doors are locked
  8. Ask a neighbor to get your mail and to park in your driveway occasionally, so it looks like someone is home

9. Treat Yourself

Sometimes you still don’t have the time or energy to complete all the things you need to do before vacation. If that’s the case, let us help you beat those post-vacation blues. Our professional housecleaning dream team can take care of the dusting and vacuuming while you’re sipping cocktails from coconuts or hiking scenic mountain trails. And that means you get to come home to a clean house. Contact ASCC today!