Though February is short, it’s jam-packed with important dates like the Big Game.

Why Should You Pull Your Couch Off the Wall?
For many people, a sofa is a comfortable place where friends and family gather to watch TV, play board games, read, and relax, often accompanied by snacks and beverages. And those dropped pieces of popcorn or sticky spilled soda trails don’t just disappear. They decompose, leave stains and attract all sorts of pests that you don’t want.

Additionally, if you’re a pet owner, there’s no telling what may be lurking under your furniture. We’re talking about everything from chew toys and catnip-stuffed mice to tufts of fur and dried hairballs.

Because of this, tending to the dark and mysterious realms under and behind your furniture should be a part of any deep cleaning the house checklist you may have.

How Often Should I Vacuum Under the Couch?
It would be best if you pulled your couch out for housekeeping purposes at least four times a year, though ideally, you’d vacuum under and behind the sofa weekly.

How Can I Make the Most of Pull Your Sofa Off the Wall Day?
Be smart and safe

Cleaning under furniture isn’t worth the extra effort if you throw your back out or scratch your hardwood floors. Make sure you enlist some help when it comes to pulling the sofa away from the wall. You may also want to consider investing in furniture sliders to make the task a little easier. Here are some other safety pointers that could come in handy:

Make Cleaning Safety a Part of Your Routine
Clean the couch itself

You rarely see the back of this piece of furniture, so you may as well clean the sofa. Spend a few extra minutes to pull out the cushions and vacuum up any stale corn chips or random bits of pocket grit you may find. Then go ahead and take care of the upholstery.

Maybe you’ll find that pair of sunglasses that disappeared three months ago or your dog’s favorite ball. You might also rack up enough in loose change to buy yourself a coffee. Or this could be the perfect chance to rearrange the living room furniture and try out a new organizational flow. Whatever the case may be, cleaning shouldn’t equal misery, so try to find pleasure where you can!

If the short days of winter mean you’ve got no time or energy to deal with the housekeeping, let us lend a hand. Contact ASCC today.