ASCC knows that your bedroom is where you go to retreat and relax. To make sure we’re leaving your space as clean as possible, we follow the bedroom cleaning process below.

Our bedroom cleaning checklist:

Dust all surfaces—Eliminate dust from furniture surfaces by wiping down nightstands, television stands, dressers, and headboards. Also, dust alarm clocks, picture frames, and other decorative accessories.
Wipe down wood furniture—Wipe down wood surfaces, such as end tables and dressers. Use a microfiber cloth for a streak-free, sparkling finish.
Eliminate cobwebs—Focus on the corners of the room where the walls meet the ceiling and floor, which are likely spots where cobwebs hide.
Clean floors—Vacuum carpets and rugs in the bedroom. Wash wood, tile, or laminate floors, and dry them.
Clear dressers and side tables of clutter as well—Make sure shoes and other items are put away and not accumulating on the floor.
Clean lighting—Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans. Dust lamps and lampshades as well.
Change bed linens — Replace existing bed linens with fresh linens you leave out for us
Take out the trash—Empty wastebaskets and wipe them down.

Let ASCC Keep Your Bedroom Clean
ASCC is here to take on your bedroom cleaning tasks and more. Let us take this chore off your to-do list and create the clean and relaxing retreat you desire.