The month of bricks

November 2018 was another month of thinking and breathing and I can’t stress enough how good it felt to be able to do this in my OWN space.

So …

This is the month of bricks.

I was unconsciously laying the bricks for the foundation of ASCC back in October 2018 but I became very conscious of what I was doing by this time.

I was still at the hotel working FT and working PT at the BNB. While working at the BNB the owner mentioned another resource to me called TaskRabbit. I never heard of TaskRabbit until that point (and now it seems like I see it everywhere!) so I asked her for some details and she gave me the run down. It didn’t take much to convince me after she said “you can set your own price.” When I got time I made sure I downloaded the app and put myself on the platform. I selected every skill I was qualified for and my price to complete each task. Once my profile was approved I started getting task notifications. My main task request quickly became housekeeping. I received amazing reviews and gained some loyal clients from that app!

When I started the TaskRabbit app I set my cleaning price at $25/ hr. I stayed at that price until about March 2019. My clients would mention how low my prices were compared to other cleaning services they’ve used.

“Are you just getting started?”

“Yes, I am. What makes you say that?”

“Because of how low your prices are.”

That’s a verbatim conversation I had with one of my new clients at the time. I left her home with something to think about! I looked around at my competition and noticed they were charging $100 plus for a studio / one bedroom apartment. After looking over the competition, I made a new goal which meant it was time to lay more bricks. 🧱

My new goal was to raise my prices …

So I took every $25/ hr opportunity I could on the app. My plan was to turn these people into loyal clients and that’s something I did. I knew if I did a consistently Above Standard job when I left the platform they would follow. Beyond them following me they would recommend me!

I kept doing everything to align myself with where I wanted my business to go.

On November 12,2018 I started the ASCC blog on WordPress and started uploading all the content I took over the month of October.

Looking over my pictures from November 2018 as usual my kid was center stage and Tiffany AKA “New York” BKA “H.B.I.C.” I use the tag line “H.C.I.C” (C is for cleaner) sometimes. 😅

I don’t have any photos of any properties I serviced during this time but you can scroll through the blog and look back if you’d like.

(I plan to delete older posts soon)

I keep these videos because they always make me laugh out of control !!!

I spent this month working … for others but with the ultimate goal I would turn that around. I didn’t know then I would be leaving my job the next month (in December) and what was to come from that decision to walk in faith and choose myself.

It’s so easy to thank God when it’s good and in November 2018 it was all going good! I had income coming from everywhere it seemed like. I was working at the hotel, the BNB, I got a PT gig for this company based out of NYC called STAYD while they did a test run in the DC market and on the TaskRabbit app! I was loving every second of booked and busy.

It felt so good to have stability.

I need stability, we all do! I thank God for a mother that ALWAYS made sure I had a secure life. Having that feeling again felt amazing. My son and I had secure housing and I had stable income coming in. I had no stress! The only part of my day I faced with hesitation was when I had to walk into that hotel. 😩

But still, it was all going good.

As I look back over it all I’m so proud of how far I’ve came with my business, I didn’t get to tell myself that much during the process. I was just so focused on finding bricks and laying the foundation it was no time to pat myself on the back.

But as I said before, “Its easy to thank God when it’s all going good!”

But how do you act when it’s all going bad ?

I learned in September it’s about believing God when you feel and see it all going bad. You must believe in God and the power that we’ve been blessed with to make choices. No matter how bad or how good we have the choice to make it better or worse.

Those bricks from September that laid the foundation of my faith was about to be tested to see just how planted my foundation really was.

It’s so easy to say thank you when it’s going good.

Talk to you soon about December 🙏🏾