In my own

So October comes, I was still at the Georgetown Inn hotel and working pt at the bed and breakfast.

During the month of October as I look back over my pictures outside of my kid I took a lot of pictures of me eating curry. 🤷🏽‍♀️🔥

This was a month of breathing.

I was able to breath and relax in a different way. It’s nothing like being in your own home. I could think and create at my own time, in my own way and in my OWN SPACE it’s no better feeling than that.

During this time the spark got ignited to start ASCC. I was talking to the owner of the bed and breakfast and she said she knew someone else who might be interested in my services. At that point I didn’t have any “services” I was just cleaning.

I have always loved to clean and organize. My mother use to get mad because I would always try and throw out as much as I could when I would clean our house. My grandmother is another person who let me have it a few times. 🤷🏽‍♀️😅

I cant help it! If you can’t see it you don’t need it. That’s my approach when I clean homes. Everyone just needs to come to the minimalist side.

Ok so…

Out of my two parents my dad was the neat freak of the two. He was also the better 👨🏾‍🍳. They both paid attention to detail which I have picked up, I’ve been called “anal”. I consider that to be one of the best compliments in my line of work.

After the conversation I had with the owner of the bed and breakfast I started to think “I should start a cleaning company.” I took that thought to the internet and searched everything I could about the hospitality and home service industry. I love any excuse to write so I have mountains of notes on everything I felt I wanted or needed to know at that time.

***Fun fact

Starting a business isn’t new to me. I started my first business in 2010. It was an online e-commerce site called Gorgeous Junkie. I did that business the legal zoom way. I was running that business until 2012. I came back to the e-commerce world in 2017 with Everything Destroyed by a Gorgeous Junkie. You should go follow EDGJ on IG @EverythingDestroyed.

When I started those businesses it was pretty simple. I could basically do everything myself with the help of a computer. When I found out what I needed to do to start ASCC it seemed more complicated and expensive! So I told myself I would crawl before I walk. Before I dished out X amount of dollars I needed to have X amount of clients.

I got to work once my mind was set on business and not just “this is a hustle”. I know what I’m capable of, I’ve always known. When you think back over your life you remember things from your childhood. When I thought about the kid I was it only made me realize I was that same adult. As a kid I was fearless, brave, fun, risky, and so many other things that made me believe I could fly.

I was still that kid but just the adult version. I still believed I could fly but I was doing it from job to job. The way I was flying changed from the way I once flew as a child. Back then it was all about flying and just being fully in that moment no matter where that moment would take her. It could be at the creek in her Mary Janes with all the kids skipping rocks and climbing across the water, her feet could slip in get wet and it would be funny. The adult version turned into someone who couldn’t find the humor in wet feet.

I realized that it was important to believe in myself and life as I once did when I was a kid.

Believing is the first step and I had it on 🔒

When I tapped in during that time in September, I seen what happened when you fully believe. From that time I knew I could never tap out. Once you believe you have to take action! You can believe until you’re black, blue and green but faith without work is dead!

Whatever you want NEEDS your energy to manifest. ⭕️

Once you believe and you take action alignment starts to happen. So once I started taking action things started falling into place.

I started taking pictures while I was at the hotel, before and after pictures of the laundry room and the housekeeping closets I would organize. I was doing things outside of my job description because I seen the photo opportunity. Once I collected enough photos I launched ASCC blog site in November.

That’s when it got serious serious.

Talk to you soon ! 😉