It all came full ⭕️ in September 2018. I say that month is when I planted my mustard seed.

September 2018

This is the month I started believing my power. I was presented with a situation that left me no other choice.

As I mentioned before I moved back to Maryland in 2017 from New York City. I came back in January and moved to MD with a friend name T. T and I have been friends since high school and thought we knew each other well enough to move in together. I stayed with T durning my time at La Quinta Inn and during the beginning of when I started DoubleTree. It wasn’t as we hoped it would be so I decided to move out and in with a friend name O. O and I have been friends since I was 15/16, but the situation with O and I went left once he disclosed his feelings and mine didn’t align. So I packed up and went to move in with an associate name Ju. Ju and I have known each other since 2010 but Ju was just like O so that situation ended and so did my time at the DoubleTree hotel at the end of December 2017.

After moving out with Ju I moved in with J. J and I have known each other since 2010. While staying with J, I started Staybridge Suites. I lived with J until April 2018 and then I moved in with a friend name K. K and I have known each other since 2011. While staying with K, I continued to work at Staybridge Suites until I got the job at the Georgetown Inn Hotel. Around the beginning of August 2018 I ended up moving out with K and in with my grandfather. While staying with my grandfather I was still working at the Georgetown Inn Hotel. During this time I was searching Craigslist and indeed for a part time gig and I found a great job that would spark the fuse which ignited ASCC.

While searching Craigslist I came across a listing for some cleaning help at a bed and breakfast in NW,DC. It was a perfect fit for my schedule and they were paying me more! I started off making $18/ hr and it was a breeze coming from a hotel to a bed and breakfast. I finished so fast (while providing Above Standard quality 😉) the owner asked me to come and clean her house! I took her offer and before you know it I was thinking of names for my cleaning service.

This all came just in time!

Two weeks before September 22,2018 my grandfather let me know that I needed to find another place to stay by that date. I had TWO WEEKS! I was up all night from the first night he told me about the “deadline” until the night before I left. I couldn’t sleep, I would literally have to force myself. Searching the internet for apartments and resources that would act as a back up if I couldn’t secure anything since it was so last minute.


The day my grandfather told me about the two week notice is the day I let go of any doubt within myself. It was like a crazy switch internally. I knew at that moment if I let any doubt creep in I was done.

*** Excuse me, but each time I’m faced with a problem now I always think to myself “the problem is already here so doubt is not needed… faith is the only thing that will see you through.”

The problem is already the 🔥 doubt is more 🔥 so you can add doubt and get a bigger 🔥 or add faith even if it’s as small as a mustard seed it will act as 🌊 and extinguish any and every 🔥 that comes into your life! ***

I just thought to myself “I don’t want to have my son in a shelter so Courtney you have to figure this out.” It was only by the grace of God that it all worked out… Just in time!

As I mentioned I was searching the internet like crazy looking for apartments and was coming up short. I got the idea one day to search “private owned apartments” and 💥 magic. The Georgetown Inn Hotel is a private owned hotel (the first and only one I’ve ever worked at) so that’s what gave me the idea to search for private owned apartments. I knew I wanted to live in DC but I wasn’t picky honestly wherever I could find a place at that point I was going to take it. God’s grace led me to a place in SW,DC. I want to say I found the place seen the place and had my keys in my hand in 3 days.

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I was so excited ! I haven’t had my own apartment since 2012 so it was refreshing for me. I got another layer of excitement because now my son had his OWN space to do as he pleased. It was our first home together and it felt every bit of amazing.


It all came full circle in 2018.

When I had a chance to sit back and think I looked at the timeline of my life just as I did with my resume. Before the age of 18 my dad,mom and sister were all dead. On September 2,2007 my dad died so the masculine energy in my life transitioned into a Holy Spirit. On March 16,2009 my mother and sister were murdered. The feminine energies that I knew would always be here to carry me through made their transition into holy spirits. That shift in 2009 changed my life forever and the relationships to the people I had in my life.


When I moved in with my grandfather in 2018 if you would have told me that would happen in 2009 I would tell you “no fu**ing way not after what they did when I was 17!”

Now that I was in my own space I had time to really think. I could think everywhere about anything and express it however I wanted, without feeling as though someone was watching me.

I now understand why my grandfather’s house was my last stop. It was the first stop after my life / faith shifted and it was the last stop to help me realign my faith. It all happens for a reason. 😌

Talk to you soon! 🙏🏾