Hello Everyone ☺️

Back again and will be back again 😅🙏🏾✨. Ok so the last couple of days I’ve been invited to come clean and organize the Birdhouse BNB and Air BNB properties here in NW,DC. If you’ve been following my blog then you have also ran into these properties multiple times. As I said once in a previous posting while working at Birdhouse, when the origin story is complete you will get the full picture on how big this place is to the start of AboveStandardCC. Michelle and Steve Bird I can never say it enough and I don’t know another language-yet- but THANK YOU and you are appreciated.

Check out the images from one of Birdhouse Air BNB properties and hopefully you like what you see and decide to book with me✨ You can book ASCC at ABOVESTANDARDCC.COM4A68B8D9-8BC3-4E56-8766-D8FA636DE83978CC88A4-E7F6-4586-9D89-D0BA6F2D2486CF31B431-AD70-4951-99F7-40236B588D5F176CC258-1DAC-4A6F-9A53-ECFC33339CC28AF46E24-8AA5-431E-843C-BA0364917A97DAD987AD-A099-4A8E-BCF6-0FD3F76FDBF24283BCBE-EBF8-4F83-8EAB-6553C5D9B3E72F9B9247-2B3E-4C1C-AE8A-4B4E0E0F5F60FF6C07D9-A5F1-42D0-A2BF-910F39FD176B7A0E8A9B-8D71-400B-B2D0-D693209A1FE674F3DF01-B1CF-479B-994F-87F5ABFA6BD6DAD13EB0-CFA4-4822-B6B2-11FFB635AFF91A433FB1-7240-4C71-9C3A-A41B7C07D487C50B9ADD-388A-4085-B95F-51A834152C1D7A731E28-818C-450A-BF90-2782D75ED812DCD62780-27C1-4A5C-BA8B-3C6E4B9DAAA2569E8C82-2058-4CC3-BB2F-3656CF17C06CBA19581D-F67B-4DD0-B2ED-9B4F06AD1939B3122500-ED56-49BE-BCE5-8C43595EC860