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Do you operate an Air BNB or a BNB? If so book with ASCC at AboveStandardCC.com so I can come assist you with your property or properties. Cleaning, organization and guest check in or out I am trained and here to accomplish it ALL. I’ve been in the nursing and hospitality field since I entered the working world. I’ve worked at major hotels and always went Above Standard to ensure all spaces that I visited were the best for incoming guest. Working for one major hotel brand -IHG- the checklist they require has enhanced my skills so I’m able to provide you with quality in great time. Check out my blog and if you like what you see come and book with me.

I don’t know it all but in knowing that I have the power to expand and evolve. I hope I never stop learning, growing and expanding. We’re going Above Standard Always 🔛🔝🔺

Thank you to all of you who have trusted me and allowed me into your spaces you will never understand how much I appreciate you all. Until the end of time.

Thanks For Letting Me In


Courtney Hicks✨8357B08F-FE15-477C-B16F-8F5579D6AE3689E7989E-4726-4802-A022-F68D73B867F6B45EE572-40BB-4004-B4B2-73124983E6EA95980254-F0A5-4861-B0FD-17BB57699B71459F93A1-FE97-44C0-A8E2-EB396CA414B79EFA71F0-C013-415B-BC72-4808AE1AAA3E0E8A9CDC-8953-45E6-8DE9-7118E084023D818D570A-585C-4E9B-AEF7-355D9655D38A33635401-F564-4C3E-AD9A-52CBA92A9627E097C5AB-4E34-470C-8143-E69389D0D07073A01530-FE02-409B-BF8E-9F08577814ED2A5A77D9-CDA8-4354-8D75-847E3D169FD0D22AA2BB-CA89-4CFB-9911-464D0CAC956B4C33E7BB-BC30-47C8-ABC8-E37D2CBC2B4D86C82AA7-4498-4F4F-9724-4F787CCC833DB2745242-68EB-4934-B11E-720075590DA8