Using your garbage disposal frequently leaves it with unpleasant odor and stains from the dirt that had been disposed of. Cleaning your garbage disposal should be one of the chores that should be done at least once a week especially when it is used frequently, this is because even if you clean every part of your house, dispose of the trash, the smell that comes from the garbage disposal can ruin all the hard work you have done. Cleaning your garbage disposal should not be a difficult task as the tools that can be used can be taken off the kitchen shelf and it involves a DIY process.

The first thing to be done is to turn off the garbage disposal from the circuit breaker or unplug it from underneath the sink, depending on the type of disposal you have. It is also important to check for any trapped and unwanted objects in the impellers, the use of a plier or similar tool to dig them out of the way.

When these are done, then the proper cleaning can begin with the following processes:

Using Salt and Ice – Salt and Ice can be used to clean your garbage disposal, simply take about 10 to 15 ice cubes and put into the disposal, then add about half cup of salt into the disposal and turn it on, the ice will grind into smaller pieces.

Vinegar and baking soda – vinegar with its acidic nature will help to remove stains and kill germs, while baking soda as a scouring agent will help deal with the bad smell. Pour the baking soda first into the disposal until it is full then pour the vinegar down the drain slowly, the pick your brush and scrub every part of the disposal and when you are done scrubbing, fill the sink with water and add a little dishwasher and unblock the drain and let it rinse the disposal. You can also freeze the vinegar into ice cubes and use the salt and ice method.

You should not always wait for the disposal to start smelling before you begin cleaning, you should be proactive when caring for your garbage disposal. One way is by running hot water down the garbage disposal to push down particles.


Cleaning your coffee maker is important as this will avoid making coffee that is bitter and acidic. Cleaning your coffee maker is necessary and should be done at least once a month in other to give you that fresh and a nice flavored coffee in the morning.

1.    The first step in cleaning your coffee maker is to remove the filters and wash them with hot water and dishwashing soap, rinse and air dry

2.    Prepare a mixture of one cup of vinegar and two cups of water

3.    Pour this mixture into the coffee maker and turn it on for a brewing cycle. Repeat this step on more time.

4.    Discard the liquid and wash the coffee maker with hot water and dishwashing soap with a sponge, rinse thoroughly and use a dry towel to dry the water residue

5.    Use the towel to clean the entire coffee maker and reassemble.

Viola!!, your coffee maker is as good as new and you can begin brewing fresh coffee.