Time is a very precious thing, no one should ever think of wasting, not even in trying to keep your house clean. Talking about keeping the house clean, too many seem like something you will have to spend the whole day doing, but this isn’t the case when you have everything well scheduled.

A cleaning task can be done under 30 minutes, and your house will appear clean, shiny, and beautiful like it used to be. You should be wondering how this is even possible to keep your house clean under 30 minutes? below will be how to make it a reality, and watch your house appear sparkly clean under 30 minutes.

•    Get organized.

This simply means gathering your tools, keep them at a place for easy location and grasp. Tools like your duster, wiper, mob, disinfectants.

•    Set your timer.

This is really necessary, to help you stick to the scheduled time, which is 30 minutes, this time frame is the most realistic.

•    Empty the laundry basket.

Now it’s time to begin the cleaning process. The first thing is to fill the washer with your laundry. It’s more like multitasking to clean your house under 30 minutes. While the washer does its thing in lickety-split, you move to the next.

•    Get rid of clutters.

Use an empty basket to take a walk to all spaces in your house picking up items that don’t belong there. After that, call on everyone to come to take what belongs to them and put at the appropriate place, especially for homes with kids.

•    Clean the entrance.

The entryway to your house should be clean, use a vacuum cleaner on the entrance rug to remove dust and unseen hairs.

•    The bathroom.

This shouldn’t be left out in your 30 minutes schedule, it’s an important area. Spend 2 minutes in each bathroom, first of all, pour the toilet cleaner into each bowl, you wait for it absorbs, as this happens, wipe the sink, tubs, and clean the glass mirrors, change old and dirty towels. Then you Scrub the bowl and flush.

•    The kitchen is next.

Load your dishwasher, use multi-purpose wipes to clean kitchen counters, and the stove surface. Change your kitchen towels. Wet clean the floor, wipe the microwave in and out and your kitchen appears clean in less than 5 minutes.

•    The living room.

Spend 7 minutes here by dusting the tables, light fixtures, and frames. Fluff the pillows and cushions, arrange your magazines, use a lint roller to remove pet hairs from your couch, lampshades, and rugs. If your floor needs vacuuming you make do with it instead of sweeping with a broom and disposing of.

•    The bedroom.

Dress your bed neatly and fast, dust the types of furniture, and vacuum the floor.

•    Wipe and disinfect all doorknobs and switches.

•    Remove your clothes from the washer, keep them properly and keep the washer in order.

•    Get back to your dishwasher, remove the plates and pots, dry and store them.

•    The last on the list is to eradicate the dust. Move carefully to every room and wipe out the dust, including the windows.

Your house is clean now, take a drink, relax and enjoy the clean atmosphere