When it comes to cleaning a home, there are certain things that needs regular care than the others, these are the ones that need daily cleaning, the others that can’t disrupt the daily good look of your home, can be cleaned up with a weekly schedule. The later which is monthly, is very important to maintain that nice look for your home each month because they require your time and energy to keep them clean. Here is a schedule to keep you aware of the things you need to clean daily, weekly and monthly.

Daily cleaning

•    The hand towels in your kitchen should be kept clean on a daily basis.

•    Wipe the kitchen counters, disinfect it to avoid leaving crumbs on it.

•    After washing your dishes in the sink, you need to wash the basin properly, because some germs are left out, scrub the walls of the sink and rinse properly.

•    Your dishes should be washed daily after each use.

•    The floor of your kitchen should be cleaned daily, food particles will definitely drop.

•    Wipe the sink in your bathroom.

•    The bathroom mirror should be wiped daily.

•    Scrub the toilet bowl daily

•    Spray the shower and curtain of your bathroom.

•    Your bed should be made daily.

•    Arrange your clothes properly

•    In your living room, clean the sofa.

•    Clean the table surface and tidy up the magazine and coffee table.

•    Remove any clutter from the living room.

•    Wipe the microwave.

•    Sweep your porch daily.

Weekly cleaning.

•    Your laundry basket should be kept clean weekly.

•    Vacuum clean your carpets and rugs.

•    Dust your types of furniture, the dust doesn’t only give it a bad look it also gets it damaged.

•    Your bed sheets should be washed, all that heat, germs and oil accumulation needs to get off.

•    Kitchen utensils and appliances need to be clean, they might be appearing clean but there are bacterias you can barely see.

•    Clean your bathtub and shower.

•    The bathroom surface.

•    Go through each room and empty the trash.

•    Start from the top in cleaning the living room and other rooms by removing cobwebs, cleaning the ceiling fan, the picture frames, door frames.

•    Spray the furnitures. Clean all mirrors.

•    The kitchen counter should be cleaned thoroughly during the week, unlike your daily cleaning.

•     Cut the grasses.

•    Deep clean the toilet weekly, in and out.

Monthly cleaning.

•    The refrigerator should be cleaned out. Take out old stored foods, clean the shelves, clean the top well.

•    Wipe the lamp shades, beneath furniture like the couch, bed, and the likes of them that are heavy to move always.

•    The windows should be cleaned outside and inside, light fixtures.

•    Your closet should be arranged properly.

•    The washing machines and dryer should be cleaned.

•    The baseboards.

•    Re-arrange the garage, especially if you have kids who mess it up.

•    Clean the walls of your house.

•    Air vents should be dusted.

•    Wash the trash area in the kitchen.

•    Refresh filters, you can either change or clean them.

These are some of the things you shouldn’t miss out on while cleaning your home, either daily, weekly or monthly, cleaning schedule. Give your home that bright and clean look it deserves, by following these laid down cleaning areas