Cleaning Solution Safe For Children and Pets

Every family with kids and pets will know that keeping the house clean can be a really difficult task. As children will always create a mess around the house and the pets with their odor circulating the house, parents always try to maintain a healthy environment that will be good for both the health of the children and pets. With children spilling drinks on the floor and running around with dirty shoes, there’s bound to be stains on the floor, in order to get rid of this stains, most people tend to use cleaning products.

Most cleaning solutions out there contains a toxic chemical that can be harmful to the children and pets in your home, sometimes even the smell that comes with these cleaning solutions are harmful to children because their brain is still too young to accumulate the harmful chemical smells.

Although most parents will say they keep the cleaning solutions out of the reach of their children, the children and pets still come in contact with this chemical when they are crawling around or playing and it can be harmful to their health. In order to prevent health hazards and make our pets and children healthy, there is some natural organic cleaning solution that doesn’t have any effect on the health of the children and pets. These natural cleaning solutions are listed below;


Vinegar is very effective and economical, and it is good for cleaning the home. Although vinegar has a strong smell that comes with it, it is a natural disinfectant that can work wonders on your tiles or wood floor. It is very safe and hygienic and if you’re worried about the smell, you can always dilute the vinegar with warm water.

Cleaning with water

Warm Water is also a natural cleaning solution for the removal of stains, dust, bacteria etc, and it cleans surfaces well. When using a dishwasher or a laundry machine with detergent, warm water is best for you to use. Warm water also removes stains from floor and carpet and also allows you to mop your floor smoothly.

Cleaning with dish soap

Dish soap is not too harsh, and it is considered to be healthy and highly hygienic for cleaning, with warm water and a little of your dish soap in the water, you can clean your floor, and the good thing about it is that, it is not sticky and because we avoid the sticky floor because if the children, dish soap is safe to use. If you feel just the dish soap isn’t strong enough to remove stains, then you can add a little vinegar to the water.

Cleaning with baking soda

This is a perfect homemade cleaning solution. It is good and very effective for both carpets and tiles, and it is healthy for both kids and pets. You add baking soda to your warm water and it will boost your cleaning effect and it reduces the bad odor that comes from vinegar, if you are a pet owner, baking soda removes pet odor from your home and keep your home clean and fresh.

Natural homemade cleaning solutions are safe and best to use in cleaning your home, it is healthy and hygienic. Apart from the homemade cleaning solutions, there are other safe cleaning solutions one can get that is really mild, it is of utmost importance to carefully read the label on any cleaning solution you intend to buy. Health is wealth, so it is better to always keep your children and pet safe, clean and fresh.