Hello Everyone,

Good Sunday and Good day! I hope you enjoyed today and it gave you a boost to leap into the new week. Confidence. Happiness. Faithfulness. And Love. A whole lot of love. ❣️How is your home? Does it need a little tlc? If so no worries scroll through my blog and then book your appointment with me. I will come elimate the stress of the mess. The client today booked me to give him ahead start on his spring cleaning. The kitchen only package is just that and from the response of this client I would like to say I delivered! 🙌🏾💅🏾  I clean inside, outside and on top of your cabinets and refrigerator. Every space in your kitchen will be touched by me I promise you. On top of the kitchen only package he added the basic 2/hr cleaning package. This was such an amazing space to visit in historic Georgetown,DC. If you continue to scroll you will run into the work done today at ASCC. Like what you see book ASCC at AboveStandardCC.com

Thanks For Letting Me In


Courtney H.