Hello Everyone 😌

Its Friday!!! The start of the “exciting” part of the week. What’s your plans? You’re still not sure because your place needs order? Make your plans and include me in them. Fun for me is cleaning and organizing. I plan to spend my weekend helping to make homes more functional. Check out some images below of a studio space that I love to visit. I’ve been keeping my phone charged so I can show you all the amazing places I’m invited too. Thank you too all of those that have let me in and on occasion Lennox -my son- lol. We really appreciate you all so much.

Thank You For Letting Me -US- In ☺️🙏🏾😌


Courtney H.

Do not hesistate to book ASCC today at AboveStandardCC.com6DCD4C2C-6198-4ED6-BE4C-9AC0A8313458E2970532-BC01-404C-B067-67AF18F115D3317B876C-D3AA-41B7-A119-90E25FF40FB0D707EEE4-A54F-48E6-8353-C0276DDD7322125A1E57-A285-4212-B20A-BC0D0DA223EC21D3A631-4F6B-4DB5-8273-ECF6CCF594A10E47FB3A-9258-4AF7-BE51-3FEB2D108687E5AA711E-CAA8-48BB-A903-CD2A1903FB37869B40E8-C862-4EB8-B169-695889B4FED01F74461A-588F-4EC2-B9CF-3BC57BD569AB7E5C658D-A5CB-4771-903C-A7A92BB668EBABF2B685-738F-4A45-B497-259BF7117C3B32C1B175-9589-459A-9355-B1882F7F5C95A130BA5A-2287-487E-98F9-DEEBFAA91F6F4C1A22CB-8594-4138-B1E9-A7D9F6E2F1F6044AAE29-5BF4-421B-8B2F-1240D2B1B9DDE331165D-9278-423B-BE4F-CD522CA628A58FA30EAA-1810-4580-B174-088068E3FBA2078332A4-9E73-4888-9EF3-AFA9635EEBC8