Rooming houses and Air BNBS-Reasons to employ Above Standard Cleaning Company Maid services

Are you sharing your living quarters or running a Bed and Breakfast in between taking care of your personal needs and having to ensure a germ-free space? Must be time-consuming and stressful.

Do you not feel comfortable cleaning up after other co-tenants mess?

Do you need professional help to get to those hard to reach places?

All that and many more can be easily settled in record time while providing you with gleaming surfaces when you employ Above Cleaning Company Maid services.

Why make use of ASCC?

You may wonder; I’m doing a pretty good job so far. I don’t need to pay for something so usual, allow the following reasons open you up to the benefits of having our Maid services over.

1. Time and stress management: Perform other activities, fulfill work schedules or appointments and reduce the stress behind heavy duty cleaning. Our workers are trained to work with time and still deliver top-notch services.

2. Fresh sets of eyes: When the work gets monotone and boring you sometimes overlook important details in a home so, therefore, allow our cleaning team tackles hard to reach places like vents, and chandeliers.

These parts are the life of a home and effective care leaves everywhere looking and feeling better.

3. Tested and trusted personnel: You do not just allow a novice into your home or living area, you are offered veteran workers with extensive experience and niche that provide you a germ-free environment.

4. We come with our cleaning products: If you’ve ever had prior experience with cleaning companies overusing products you set aside for their use well keep in mind that this will not be the case with ASCC, as we also avail thorough clients the choice of products that ensure a chemically free touch meaning environmentally friendly cleaning materials are used.

5. Pocket-friendly packages: ASCC has an array of packages that don’t break banks from laundry care to home arrangement.

Laundry plan: Starts at $25 per hour and includes free pick up, delivery and folding although with additional charges.

Home arrangement: Employ the skills of a team that creates a functionally clean living area while keeping all you need within reach.

*Home organization: 2hrs for $70

* Closet organization: Save clients in BNB the stress of easily locating their coats and footwear with an arranged coat room.

Deals offered include;

1hr for $60

2hrs for $90

3hrs – 4hrs for $120, $150 and $190 respectively.


For clients that share living areas such as Rooming houses, we enjoin them to make the excellent choice of employing ASCC packages which can guard against dissatisfied co-tenants who feel they clean more than others. As they can effectively split fees amongst themselves.

A final call also to Bed and Breakfast owners who include cleaning fees to employ Above Standard  Cleaning Company Maid services as a choice.

The motto is ‘The courage to create ‘ let a trial convince you when you take that step to contact us we are ever ready and deliver Monday to Sunday from 8am-8pm.

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