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Back again with another addition. This is one of my favorites. My future home MUST have exposed brick I don’t care where but it has to be there or I just simply won’t 💅🏾. Everything about this space is amazing. The huge windows, high ceilings, the brick walls and let’s not forget all the marble😩. Check out the images and book your home cleaning today at AboveStandardCC.com

Thanks For Letting Me In


Courtney H.

Check out the images below and the slideshow at the end.☺️15B36AFB-E2CA-45AC-B93C-61325C8565F2BC43DBA3-58A1-4A31-940F-CB2B8C9BB1060DD666A4-9184-4BED-B542-7413387D70A7A5A44DA8-8D60-47E8-BD65-C9A01D62068581819563-5699-4DC0-BC2C-269C7419E3B9BE730385-1962-42AD-82AA-607A03374F4A5A133B8A-7529-482F-B83F-8205FA58BFA0

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