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How are you and your home? As always hoping all is well with both. These days the only way to get ahead is by moving. Waking up in a hurry often times unable to make breakfast and if you do it’s a rush job. Leaving a mess that you know you don’t want to see when you get back in the evening. Good News! You don’t have to see that mess. That’s the great thing about what ASCC does. We come in clean, disinfect and organize your home so your able to just come in and relax, start dinner or prepare your bath. We’re here for you because we know how busy life is, can be and can get. You don’t have to do it alone and we are here to make sure of it. Look over the blog and check out some of the previous commercial and residential properties I’ve had the chance to service. Hopefully we will be helping you along the way soon. ☺️

Integrity and Quality. ASCC

Thanks For Letting Me In


Courtney Hicks

The images below are before and after images of a late night cleaning you can also check out my ig NOW to get a chance to see it live in action the before and after.

I am open until 8pm. If you book at 8pm appointment time will not exceed 2/hrs…8-10pm if you think your space may require more time then you will have to book service for the next day. 4E7B81D7-42BA-4000-8D11-DF4722E24B2A1C15D52D-A5F9-480E-B17B-7F8047AB9A263C165007-BC5E-4ECC-B687-F2D60EDF01145E54EB63-052B-47E6-8CA1-6B63B616A70B98C45747-BE10-4E76-9A90-11A2CC58F205FD612D55-3A8B-483A-85A9-BEFB3925E51B7BB800BE-C8D4-4C2A-A570-73FD17010BA91297FF65-5EEE-41D4-9C1C-5ABAB67F17C9227D9EF8-5A92-4502-AA0C-FA0DB71698237E95E51A-4BE8-46D9-B3E9-07250E2D131D9DDEC1FB-2879-404B-B558-23ECA0C22FD7FAB50422-089E-4149-90A3-26E9FF1727BECFD3854B-CCBC-4ADA-A33E-756D3205EFB42C9A6ACC-4387-4C1B-93E8-D35FAB53448BD69F84A8-14E7-4242-9243-95AE0F50F2AD51EC2E8A-03F8-49E9-BFA0-622BD3D42DD061F96A61-4D5F-4C39-9533-B3625AAADDAD