Hey under these motivation post I’m speaking to myself. I write things down all the time. Everyday I write something even if it’s as simple as my list for the day or things I may need to get for my home. I hope in me talking to myself if you can relate I want it to touch you in a positive way.5525238C-CF01-42BF-B661-80238F567AD2We are only as good as our thoughts. Whatever we think about us or around us will become tangible. Learning to focus on what I really want to touch and manifest and ignoring,cursing and leaving behind everything that tries to come in between that vision. Breathing through this experience knowing that whatever energy I bring will manifest. Creating and focusing on good energy within myself and outside of myself.D4E8A7AD-6F4F-4F7F-A6E6-2951CAE89749Thank God for God not checking accounts because if he did I would have been stopped😅 I’ve been trusting in his whole process since I quit my job in December and decided to step out and start ASCC fulltime it’s not easy and I’m  learning to be ok with the hard during this process  because anytime I have a win I’m over the moon happy in the heavens thankful. It’s only going to get as good as my faith.393AA06A-BA06-4A3E-AF4B-BC4491D848B6Lol SAYING IT LOUD AND A FEW TIMES SO THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK CAN HEAR, THE PEOPLE DOWN THE STREET AND AROUND THE CORNER CAN HEAR AND YOU CAN HEAR “I SAID WHAT I SAID… AND I MEANT IT” because impluse is no longer me I’m speaking it. I will no longer be so quick to speak. I will focus my tongue and my mind. Power of life and death is in the tongue so being conscious of every decision is important.9A654BD5-D234-4B02-95DC-AA83F998C829PS. Tupac said “What If?” 280F7D45-E75C-415E-BAC0-210AEFA00B23AND IT AINT OVER UNTIL GOD SAYS ITS OVER KEEP FIGHTING UNTIL YOUR VICTORY IS WON. My faith is growing it’s still not over and don’t let anyone tell you it ever will be. Faith is eternity.E0A69AA6-2ABC-45C4-A8BA-BAC068B1DF33

It applies to your circle ⭕️ as well.